Power & Microwave Technologies

For over 75 years, Richardson Electronics has been your industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions, power grid, and microwave tubes. Many know this business as Richardson Electronics’ Electron Device Group or EDG. Richardson Electronics brings together a deep understanding of engineering, wide-ranging capabilities, and a worldwide network to deliver high-quality electron devices. We represent leading manufacturers of electron tubes and components used in industrial power applications, including Amperex, CPI, Draloric, Eimac, General Electric, Hitachi, Jennings, L-3, National, NJRC, Thales, and Toshiba. We are a world-leading supplier of CO2 laser consumables, with an extensive global supply network that helps us maintain a large inventory of replacement parts for CO2 laser machines from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Through the acquisition of Powerlink, we provide cost-effective installation and service of microwave tubes to communications, industrial, military, and medical users around the world. The acquisition of Powerlink also enables Richardson to provide technical assistance to power grid tube customers that may not have the ability to service their own equipment today.

Richardson Electronics also produces a wide variety of RF and microwave components and subsystems, as well as electron tubes and vacuum devices. Our extensive in-house knowledge of materials, RF/Microwave, and High Voltage applications, combined with our outstanding quality control customer-specific manufacturing capabilities, make us an ideal vendor-of-choice for many applications.

New RF and Power Technologies

With the launch of the Power & Microwave Technologies group (“PMT”), we continue this legacy and complement it with new RF and power technologies. As a manufacturer and authorized distributor, Richardson Electronics – Power & Microwave Technologies’ strategy is to provide specialized technical expertise and engineered solutions based on our core engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We provide solutions and add value through design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and manufacturing, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair—all through our existing global infrastructure. RELL Power & Microwave Technologies’ focus is on products for power, RF and microwave applications.

What We Do Best. Richardson Electronics – Power & Microwave Technologies is more than just another distributor. We are an expert partner with a Demand Creation Business Model based on four core actions:

  • Identify and sell disruptive and leading edge technologies
  • Introduce new products to the market
  • Develop solutions for our customers’ needs
  • Provide exceptional global support

Featured Technology

ULTRA3000 Pitch Energy Module – Patented Technology

Qorvo Video: 5G – Why It Is Massively Awesome

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