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Richardson Healthcare, a division of Richardson Electronics, Ltd. provides high-value diagnostic imaging components, technical support and training to hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, medical institutions, independent service organizations and more. At Richardson Healthcare, product quality is our number one priority. Our focused product selection of high-value imaging components— such as replacement Flat Panel Detectors, CT and MRI tubes and other replacement components—consists of products of the highest quality and performance.

We understand that our customers operate in an industry where efficiency and cost-savings are intertwined with patient care. Due to our global scale, our extensive vendor network and our own in-house manufacturing capabilities, we have made it possible to offer our customers a variety of high-value imaging components at affordable prices. Knowing that our customers are often in a race against time, serving their own clients and patients, we set them up for success by delivering our components quickly and helping them significantly reduce downtimes. By taking each customer’s product needs to heart and by delivering high-value imaging components promptly and affordably, we enable our customers to improve their efficiency and to lower the overall cost of healthcare delivery.

In June 2015, Richardson Electronics acquired International Medical Equipment and Service, Inc. (IMES). IMES provides reliable, cost-saving replacement parts worldwide for major brands of CT and MRI equipment. This acquisition positions Richardson Healthcare to provide cost effective diagnostic imaging replacement parts and training. Our goal is to provide peace of mind, great value and a hassle-free experience to healthcare institutions around the world.

Although we are a global company, we maintain our family company values, and we make sure that our clients receive fast, efficient and personable service and support every time. Our engineers and technicians are highly trained and intimately familiar with the stringent guidelines of the healthcare industry. One of the best aspects of our approach is that we aim to make our services accessible to as many customers as possible, therefore providing our engineering solutions at an affordable price. For more information, visit us at

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