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Richardson Electronics has been a publicly-traded company since 1983 on the NASDAQ exchange, under the ticker symbol RELL.

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Dividend Information

Below is information regarding the most recent quarterly dividend declared by our Board of Directors. When declared, Richardson Electronics’ Class B shareholders receive dividends equal to 90% of the amount paid to common shareholders.

Date of Announcement: April  7, 2021
Period: Third Quarter
Amount per Share: $0.06
Payable On: May 26, 2021
To shareholders on record as of: May 5, 2021

Please Note: All future payment of dividends are at the discretion of our Board of Directors and will depend on our earnings, capital requirements, operating conditions, and such other factors that the Board may deem relevant.

The Company’s transfer and dividend distribution agent is:

EQ Shareholder Services

651-450-4064 Outside the US

EQ Shareowner Services
PO Box 64874
St Paul MN 55164-0874

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