Canvys Announces New 4K2K Custom Display Series

High-Definition Custom Monitors for Medical and Industrial Applications

LaFox, IL – November 1, 2016: Canvys,® A Division of Richardson Electronics, Ltd. (NASDAQ:RELL), expands its product portfolio with a family of custom displays that deliver 4K × 2K resolution (3,840 × 2,160 pixels), four times that of full HD.  The new 4K2K custom display series is available in seven screen sizes: 23.8”, 27”, 31.5”, 55”, 58”, 65”, and 84 inches.

These 4K monitors deliver sharp, precise, detailed images with enhanced depth and color representation. In addition to high-quality images, the monitors are multi-modality. Depending on the screen size and inputs, up to eight windows from eight different sources can be displayed on one screen at the same time.

The new series is ideal for medical and industrial applications.  Compared to displays with full HD, 4K2K monitors can aid in faster and more accurate diagnosis. The 4K2K picture-in-picture function is especially useful in diagnostic interpretation. This function allows medical staff to view and compare two images side-by-side on a single screen in 2K by 2K resolution without losing image quality. In addition, almost all devices have a medical approval in accordance to the latest regulations.

For industrial applications, 4K2K displays are ideal when using industrial endoscopic tools for the internal inspection of machinery. The images shown on a 4K2K display are enhanced to the degree of identifying micro-cracks. This advancement in technology helps minimize the need to disassemble machinery for inspection, saving both time and money.

The 4K2K series is custom-engineered by Canvys.  Custom options and services include:

  • Needs assessment, custom engineering and prototyping
  • Touch and protective shield integration – latest technologies
  • Injection molding, deep drawing, SLA prototyping, and strand-casting
  • Various housing designs such as open frame, panel / chassis / rack mount, rugged to slim and light weight designs
  • A wide range of controller solutions with inputs in many combinations
  • SBC (Single Board Controller?) and PC integration
  • In-depth testing and validation process applied throughout the product development process
  • Regulatory approvals

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