For over 75 years, Richardson Electronics has been your industry-leading global manufacturer and integrator of engineered solutions. We have continued to invest in engineering and manufacturing resources to develop power management and green energy storage solutions that support a cleaner, healthier, and sustainable environment.

Design & Manufacturing

We offer wide-ranging manufacturing capabilities and a worldwide network to create solutions for green applications.

Richardson Electronics offer a full range of design & engineering capabilities and services to support our customers’ needs for design-in components and custom-engineered solutions. We provide complete engineering support to ensure our quality products perform to the highest standards. Our global engineering team enables us to provide engineering and technical support from anywhere in the world.

To learn more about how we may be able to help you design and build a custom solution to meet your specific requirements, contact a Richardson Electronics sales engineer.

As a highly specialized international distributor and manufacturer, Richardson Electronics produces a wide variety of RF and microwave components and subsystems, as well as electron tubes and vacuum devices.

In order to meet our customers’ stringent requirements, Richardson Electronics utilizes its unique manufacturing processes and equipment, technical expertise, and design-in support capabilities.

Our extensive in-house knowledge of materials, RF/Microwave and High Voltage applications, combined with our outstanding quality control, customer specific manufacturing capabilities, make us an ideal vendor-of-choice for many applications.

Richardson Electronics’ in-house manufacturing capabilities include:

We also provide contract manufacturing, custom/private labeling, and testing services for our customers.

Richardson Electronics is dedicated to providing products and services of the highest quality. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we maintain our own Corporate Quality Management System.

Richardson Electronics offers a full range of specialized in-house testing capabilities and services. In order to meet the stringent and unique requirements of each customer, we provide a variety of tests designed to your exact specifications in each of the categories listed below.

These services include:

  • Frequency
  • Forward and Reflective Power
  • Harmonics, Load Tuning
  • High Power / High voltage testing
  • Impedance and Attenuation/Coupling Measurements
  • Moding
  • Network analyzer testing
  • Peak and Average Power
  • Performance verification
  • RF and Microwave leakage testing
  • RF and Microwave power verification
  • Rise Time /Fall time
  • Power Measurement
  • Pressure and leak testing
  • Vector Network Analysis of RF and Microwave Components from 100KHz to 9GHz
  • XRF testing for plating verification

Featured Product Development

Richardson Electronics is your industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions. We continue to expand product and service offerings which allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations.


The ultracapacitor-based energy storage solutions have significantly enhanced reliability in electric pitch control systems. Richardson Electronics' patented ULTRA3000® Pitch Energy Module (PEM) is an ultracapacitor-based plug-and-play replacement for batteries within wind turbine pitch systems with an estimated lifetime of 15+ years.

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We are an industry-leading provider of the YJ1600. The YJ1600 is a 2450 MHz, continuous wave, water-cooled anode magnetron that has a proven track record of performance and reliability in a wide range of industrial microwave heating applications, and more recently, it’s being used in the manufacturing of synthetic diamonds.

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Energy Storage Systems

Our Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are custom integrated using technology from key partners and used for many applications ranging from industrial EV’s, facilities backup, and in-front-of-the-meter applications. Our collaborative approach allows us to evaluate each customer’s unique needs and craft the right solution.

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Richardson Electronics' ULTRAPEM™ line is a series of ultracapacitor-based modules that replace lead acid batteries within various OEM wind turbine platforms utilizing electric pitch systems. The ultracapacitor-based energy storage series consists of pitch energy modules that operate at greater voltage than 100 VDC. These plug-and-play modules are easy to install, increase uptime of wind turbines, and reduce labor costs.

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The patent-pending ULTRAUPS3000™ reflects the ingenuity and evolution of its market-leading solutions. The ULTRAUPS3000™ is designed for operation in harsh environments unlike other energy storage solutions such as lead acid or lithium-based UPS systems. With the wider operating temperature of Richardson Electronics hybrid ultracapacitor solution, the product will help solve issues related to the short life of other technologies.

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The patent-pending shunt resistor is a drop-in replacement for the OEM shunt resistors used in utility scale wind turbines that utilize electric pitch systems. The shunt is used to monitor current feedback to the turbine controller during pitch events, allowing the controller to notify operators of potential electrical or mechanical issues within the pitch system. This device will reduce failures in short-circuited pitch motor scenarios and decrease turbine down time.

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Technology Partners

With our extensive global distribution network and world-class technology partners supplying components such as IGBTs, Silicon Carbide, Capacitors, Magnetics, and Thermal Management, we provide our customers with green energy solutions used in various industrial, medical, and transportation applications. We work side-by-side to deliver solutions that drive the latest innovations for our customers.

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News & Events

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CLEANPOWER 2024 | Minneapolis, MN | May 6-9, 2024


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Complete energy storage integration for solar applications
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