Richardson Electronics’ Green Energy Solutions

For 75 years, Richardson Electronics has been an industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions. We listen to our customers and help them solve problems. Over the last several years, Richardson Electronics has invested in engineering and manufacturing resources to develop power management solutions that support a cleaner, healthier, sustainable environment. We continue to exceed our customers’ expectations as we expand our offering of “green” products and services.

We offer wide-ranging manufacturing capabilities and a worldwide network to create solutions for green applications. To help our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders understand the role we are playing in supporting the environment, we are proud to introduce Richardson Electronics’ Green Energy Solutions. Through careful review of our customers and the solutions we sell them, we noted which customers provide green solutions. Sales from customers providing green solutions were previously reported in the Power & Microwave Technologies group, or PMT. Sales from these customers as well as new customers working in green energy applications will now be reported under Green Energy Solutions. So, while you may see a temporary decline in PMT sales, rest assured this is business that is still in focus and growing. Through our experienced PMT sales, marketing and engineering teams, we anticipate growing sales in Green Energy Solutions as well at an acerated rate with focused resources and investments.

Today we offer patented solutions that replace lead acid batteries in multiple applications such as wind energy, locomotives, and other critical infrastructure environments. We sell components used in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing and charging stations. We are working alongside companies that want to replace fossil fuel by developing hydrogen as a fuel source from methane and other refuse. We are also a leading manufacturer of magnetrons used to produce lab-grown diamonds, a growing trend among people who want to buy a product that is both ethically sourced and eco-friendly.

We are very excited about the opportunities we have to grow this segment. Contact us for more information on how our broad range of capabilities, collaborative approach, and global reach is being used to support green applications throughout the world.

Featured Technology

ULTRA3000 Pitch Energy Module – Patented Technology

YJ1600 CW Magnetron

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