We are proud of our 75 years of accomplishments. As we continue to grow, Richardson Electronics is dedicated to investing in our diverse employee base, new technologies, and services enabling us to provide quality products and engineered solutions to more than 20,000 customers we serve throughout the world.

Our History

Find out how Richardson Electronics started and where we are today. Select dates on the timeline to learn more about the people and events which have shaped Richardson Electronics over the years.

  • 1945


    Arthur Richardson takes a job with the faltering Majestic Radio...
  • 1947


    Arthur H. Richardson, Inc. is founded on May 31, 1947.
  • 1952


    Arthur Richardson opens a office in Chicago.
  • 1960


    The company relocates its offices to 608 S. Dearborn, Chicago.
  • 1961


    Edward J. Richardson joins the company, working alongside his...
  • 1963


    The company changes its name to Richardson Electronics, Ltd. and...
  • 1968


    Richardson reaches its first million dollars in sales.
  • 1974


    Arthur Richardson, Sr. retires and Ed Richardson becomes President.
  • 1979


    The company expands into new markets. Key suppliers are added...
  • 1981


    National Electronics, Cetron Electronics & JSH Electronics...
  • 1982


    The first European Sales Office opens in Lincoln, England.
  • 1983


    Richardson Electronics, Ltd. goes public. 700,000 shares of stock is...
  • 1984


    Richardson Electronics acquires Calvert Holding Company...
  • 1985


    Sales offices open in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France.
  • 1986


    Corporate Headquarters relocates to LaFox, Illinois.
  • 1987


    Richardson signs distribution agreements with Motorola...
  • 1988


    European Manufacturing operations relocate to Brive, France.
  • 1980


    Richardson Electronics restructures into four strategic business units...
  • 1995


    Richardson Electronics, Ltd. becomes ISO 9002 compliant.
  • 1996


    Richardson Electronics acquires Compucon Distributors, Inc.
  • 1997


    Richardson celebrates 50 years in business...
  • 1998


    Richardson Electronics acquires PixeLink...
  • 1999


    Industrial Power Group is established, later becomes...
  • 2000


    Richardson Electronics acquires Broadcast Richmond and...
  • 2001


    Richardson Electronics acquires Aviv Electronics of Israel...
  • 2002


    Richardson forms new fiber optic communications business unit
  • 2003


    Richardson Electronics, Ltd. becomes ISO 9001:2000 compliant.
  • 2004


    Richardson Electronics acquires Evergreen Trading company.
  • 2005


    Florence Richardson celebrates her 100th birthday!
  • 2007


    Richardson Electronics celebrates its 60th anniversary in business.
  • 2008


    Richardson launches new brand identity for the Display Systems...
  • 2010


    Richardson Electronics sells its RF, Wireless and Power Division to...
  • 2011


    Richardson Electronics acquires Powerlink Specialist Electronics...
  • 2012


    Richardson Electronics launches redesigned corporate web site.
  • 2014


    Richardson Electronics launches Richardson Healthcare.
  • 2015


    Richardson launches Power & Microwave Technologies Group.
  • 2015


    Richardson Electronics acquires International Medical Equipment...

Why Richardson?

Hear more from our customers, partners, and suppliers on why they choose to work with Richardson.

Interesting Facts

How much do you know about Richardson Electronics? Test your knowledge with these interesting facts.

Employee Spotlight

Without dedicated employees working hard every day and searching for ways to be better, we would not be the company that we are. Our employees’ commitment to Richardson’s vision, mission, and values is unparalleled.

What's New at Richardson?

Richardson Electronics is your industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions. Our business units continue to expand product and service offerings which allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations.


The Richardson Electronics ULTRA3000® Pitch Energy Module (PEM) is an ultracapacitor-based plug and play replacement for batteries within GE wind turbine pitch systems and is compatible with all General Electric (GE)* 20 & 30 Nm pitch systems.

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ALTA750® CT Tube

Richardson Healthcare offers a variety of CT replacement tubes for Toshiba, Philips, Siemens, and GE. Including, the ALTA750® X-Ray Tube – a form, fit, and function replacement for the Toshiba/Canon Medical Systems CXB-750D/4A CT tube.

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15.6" Medical Monitor

15.6" Custom Medical Monitor for customer-specific requirements (different TFT modules for HD-, FHD-resolution, customer-specific logo, touch, coatings, firmware adjustments, customer-specific mainboards, accessory kits, stand, etc.)

Learn More
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“I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished throughout the company’s 75-year history. It takes a great team of employees and partners to get us where we are today…a company firing on all cylinders. From our legacy products to new engineered solutions, we’ve learned from and evolved with the needs of our global customers. I thank you for your support and ongoing commitment to Richardson Electronics. We’ve been a force for 75 years and will continue to be for at least 75 years more.”

Edward J. Richardson
Chairman of the Board, CEO & President

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